On Thursday, 27 June 2019, the horrific sound of a crash was heard in Efenechtyd followed quickly by the sound of sirens. Olivia Alkir, the beautiful 17-year-old and only daughter of Jo and Mesut Alkir was involved in a terrible car crash less than a mile from where she lived.

Olivia was travelling in a car with two other girls from Ysgol Brynhyfryd when the driver from Olivia’s year at school – having only passed his driving test the day before – lost control of his car on a bend and hit an oncoming car head-on. He was recklessly racing with another boy at the time; ignoring pleas to slow down. Olivia, in the back seat, received massive internal injuries at impact and tragically died at the scene.

Olivia, born and raised in the hamlet, was a beautiful and popular A-grade student about to join her final year of school as deputy head girl, take her A-levels and head off to university. Olivia was planning her life and career when it was so cruelly and prematurely taken from her.

The close-knit residents of Efenechtyd who had watched Olivia grow and develop from a small child to a wonderful teenager were shocked and totally devastated. No words can describe the effect of Olivia’s death on the community.

Within a few days, Olivia was buried in the parish church of St. Michael and All Angels in Efenechtyd – attended by over 300 people; a testament to Olivia’s extensive popularity and the love felt by everyone towards her.

This website is dedicated to Olivia’s memory and explains how her parents and the local community would like to create a lasting memorial to her in the church and also help prevent other young people dying in a similar way.

St. Michael and All Angels church

In Olivia's Memory

After a fundraising campaign a stained glass window was installed in September 2022 in the church in Efenechtyd as a lasting memorial to Olivia.
A campaign to promote safer driving among first-year drivers has been started following Olivia's death.
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